What is Facial Balancing Treatment?

A symmetrical and harmonious face is associated with youthfulness and attractiveness. There are many factors that can lead to facial asymmetry, including genetics, aging, or injury. Those with facial asymmetry may feel as though they look older or less attractive. Thankfully, facial balancing is a fantastic solution to these concerns.

Facial balancing is a non-surgical treatment option that combines Botox and fillers to achieve a more symmetrical and balanced facial appearance. Botox can be used to relax muscles on one side of the face that may be more prominent than the other side, while fillers can be used to restore volume and fullness to areas of the face that are deficient in volume. Overall, this can create balance and symmetry in the face for a more attractive appearance and a boost in confidence.

Who is a Candidate for Facial Balancing treatment?

Healthy adults who are looking to correct facial asymmetry and enhance facial features can often benefit from facial balancing treatments. However, those who are pregnant or nursing should not receive Botox or fillers. Please contact our office today to schedule a consultation appointment to determine your candidacy.

The Patient Experience


Hayley is the absolute best. She is professional and makes you feel so comfortable. 10/10 recommend.

Haley is the real deal in the esthetic industry! Her knowledge and education she gives each client is above and beyond what other injectors could even begin to provide. She takes her time to ensure her clients are clear on exactly what they can expect and if their expectations are attainable. She offers advice and alternatives for clients who are not candidates of a specific treatment whatever the reason. This type of honesty is what we all look for in the esthetic industry. Someone who looks beyond themself and their own agenda to give the client true realistic results in a safe, professional and ethical manner. Haley is superior in this arena!

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The Treatment Process

Prior to your facial balancing treatment, a consultation is required to determine your unique aesthetic goals. Your treatment plan may involve a combination of Botox and fillers to help achieve a harmonious facial appearance.

To begin treatment, your face will be cleansed. A topical numbing cream may be offered to ensure your comfort during treatment. Botox and filler will then be skillfully injected into the predetermined treatment areas to achieve a more balanced facial appearance. Depending on the number of injections required, treatment time may vary.

Meet Haley Outcalt

Owner, Haley Outcalt, is a certified family nurse practitioner with a strong passion for providing excellent care to her clients. With over 10 years of medical experience, including 6 years in aesthetics, regenerative, and integrative medicine, she has combined her knowledge to address both internal and external aging.

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There is no downtime associated with Botox or filler treatments, so you can return to your everyday activities as soon as you wish. However, it is important to note that patients should avoid strenuous activity, alcohol consumption, and extreme heat (such as saunas) for 24 hours after treatment for the best possible results.

Over time, both fillers and Botox results wear off, which is why repeated treatments are required to maintain results.

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