About Dr. Mary Ivey

Medical Director

Meet Dr. Mary Ivey, a board certified Ob/Gyn.  Dr. Ivey has been helping women in all stages of life for over 21 years, delivering over 4,000 babies, and performing hundreds of surgical procedures treating endometriosis, pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, fibroids and more. 

Over the last seven years, she has had more extensive training in aesthetics.  She feels that aesthetics is an extension of women’s health care.  Her goal is to help women feel more beautiful – empowering them to have more self-confidence to be better at everything they pursue. 

Her next endeavor starts soon as she will open her menopause, wellness and aesthetic clinic in Charlevoix, MI.  Look for her at Second Season Wellness in Fall 2024. She is also the medical director of Aesthetic Evolution